Daily miscellany

  1. From The Sydney Morning Herald: Children’s Book Council of Australia reveal the best books of 2017.
  2. From NPR: The stories in Jenny Zhang’s powerful debut collection, Sour Heart center on the violent, sometimes disturbing experiences of young Chinese-American girls growing up in Queens, NY.
  3. From POPSUGAR: Our favorite books of the year (so far).
  4. From Runner’s World: The latest books on running (and endurance) Science.
  5. From The Paris Review: Reading recommendations from ‘Paris Review’ contributors Ben Lerner, Emily Wilson, Steph Burt, and more.
  6. From The New York Times: The best-selling author Nelson DeMille wanted a house that was appropriately large and Tudor-style — just not too Tudor.
  7. From The New York Times: In three new thrillers the search is on: for a missing best friend, a possibly dead mom and a really angry stalker.
  8. From The New York Times: In his latest book, Surfing With Sartre, the philosopher Aaron James finds profound meaning in his favorite pastime.
  9. From The New York Times: Yuri Slezkine’s The House of Government tells the story of Bolshevik elites who became targets of their own terror.
  10. From The New York Times: Six new paperbacks to check out this week.
  11. From The New York Times: The protagonists of two summer novels, by Nina George and Hannah Tunnicliffe, discover the lives they really want in the French region of Brittany.
  12. From The New York Times: Svetlana Alexievich’s The Unwomanly Face of War collects memories of the Russian women who fought against Hitler.
  13. From The New York Times: A writer finds commercial success in Scott Spencer’s novel River Under the Road, but at what cost to his self-esteem and his marriage?
  14. From The New York Times: In Christopher Bollen’s new literary thriller, The Destroyers, a young playboy vanishes on the Greek island of Patmos.

Author: Ken Booth

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